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You are invited to join us at the MWF Autumn Conference 2021.

We will be hearing from:

  • Dr Grace Spence Green on Experience of Disability as a Medical Student
  • Professor Neena Modi on Advocating for women and children
  • Dr Andrew Mowat on Refugee Doctors
  • Dr Lucy Henshall on Managing Wellbeing
  • Dr Elinor Cleghorn on Unwell Women – the history of women in medicine and how women’s bodies have been treated

This year the council meeting will take place on the 14th of October from 9am – 11am. To register for the council meeting, please use the booking form below.

To book your place at the MWF Autumn Conference 2021, please use our online booking form.





The Medical Womens Federation has two conferences a year : The MWF Spring and Autumn Conference. 

This year the MWF Autumn Conference is scheduled to hold on the 5th of November 2021. To register your interest for the conference, click here