Women doctors who have retired from full/part time work or who left medicine some time ago make up a group of MWF members who may be active or inactive in response to MWF aims. For those who are active, MWF members have taken on a variety of roles that can be supported through local groups, national meetings and MWF publications. In addition, MWF can offer voluntary jobs such as archiving, responses to consultations and mentoring.

Retired doctors are important members of MWF because:

  • They are a resource of skills to lead/support MWF activities for women doctors and women's health

  • They can act as mentors across a range of grades

  • They represent the large female older population and can respond to changes in government policies

If you are a retired doctor and would wish to voluntarily support MWF activities for women students and doctors or women's health, then please contact MWF Central Office.

If you are retired and do not want to become actively involved, we are delighted that you continue to support our aims. If you have any strong views on what MWF is doing, do not hesitate to write to or email Central Office. We value your opinions.