5 Great Reasons to Become a Student Member of MWF – Just £30 a year!

Support and Advice - As part of the largest body of female doctors in the UK, you will be in contact with doctors from all branches of the profession, who are always willing to offer support and relevant careers advice.

Grants, Bursaries and Prizes - MWF offers numerous grants and bursaries throughout the year open to members only.

Build Confidence (and your CV)! - Members are also encouraged to present abstracts/essays at our bi-annual national conferences and with chances to become reps, have reviews and blogs published online and in our Medical Woman magazine.

• Networking - We offer a special reduced rate to students wishing to attend our national meetings. These events give an opportunity to meet fellow students and doctors, as well as being educationally worthwhile.

• Medical Woman Magazine/Monthly Newsletter - All members receive our journal, 'Medical Woman' twice a year. MWF members also receive our monthly e-newsletter, which contains important and up to the minute news as well as information on future events, advice and tips on careers.

Sponsorship for a meeting/talk

If you are a MWF student member and are interested in organising a talk at your medical school you are invited to approach Central Office for some sponsorship towards the running costs. In return MWF asks that you distribute some leaflets at your event and don't forget you're always welcome to approach us for suggested speakers. We have many prominent, successful members from all different specialities who are happy to come and share their experience!

NB: We need at least a month's notice of your talk so we can take your request for funding to the Treasurer.

Student Workshops at MWF National Meetings

We always try to include a workshop that will be useful to
medical students at our meetings.

Careers Evenings

We frequently run careers talks around the country attended by female doctors from all specialities. These offer helpful advice and guidance for students. Contact Central Office for more details.

Top Tips on Preparing CVs/for Interviews

BMJ Careers has produced useful tips on preparing winning CVs and interviews. Click here to have a look at the tips on CVs and here to read the tips on interviews.

Fitness for Practice

Why do you need to be fit to practice as a Medical student? The answer is found here!


This is a useful website detailing sources of funds and providing advice. Visit www.money4medstudents.org.

Loans for Female Medical Students

The society for promoting the training of women provides loans to women of all ages seeking to improve their career prospects by undertaking further education and training. Click here to visit their website.


UCL have produced a series of podcasts interviewing leaders in medicine, including an interview with past Presidents of MWF Dr Clarissa Fabre and Dr Helen Goodyear. 

Royal Society of Medicine

The Royal Society of Medicine website has lots of useful information and runs over 400 really useful events for students every year.

Book Recommendations - Useful Books

  • The Foundation Programme for Doctors by Alwan Francis & Smith
  • OSCE A Teaching manual for medical undergraduates by Bird, Fleming Twohig & Majeed
  • So you want to be a brain surgeon? by Eccles & Saunders
  • So you want to be a medical mum? by Dr. Emma Hill