Press Release: The Department of Health Review of Regulations on Cosmetic Interventions

26 April 2013
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Press Release 24/4/2013

The Medical Women's Federation is fully supportive of and endorses The Department of Health Review of Regulations on Cosmetic Interventions issued on 24/4/2013.

Among other key recommendations the report calls for:

  • A code of conduct to advertising will control how cosmetic surgery is promoted to the public.
  • All injectable materials need to be registered as medical devices and CE marked thereby restricting prescribing to medical personnel and therefore ensuring responsibility lies with the doctor.
  • A national compulsory registry of medical devices including implants
  • Obtaining consent such that providers are obliged to ensure that patients are fully aware of the risks of the procedure and that they have time to consider the implications before proceeding to surgery
  • To establish standards of competence, ethics and conduct and to establish standards for education, training and continuing professional development
  • The publication of outcome data by all providers across the UK, including number of procedures and complication rates.

The report we feel endorses professionalism, regulation and patient safety - the major key issues that we as an organisation have concerns about for our patients seeking cosmetic surgery of which the majority are women. In addition, we feel that the body image of women portrayed by the popular press, television, billboards, magazines and newspapers need to be inclusive of women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicity which will ensure a "normalisation" of external appearances.


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